Friday, 13 April 2012

Honduras government persecutes women, just like the Taliban

This is the content of an email received today from

The Honduran Congress is about to vote on a proposal that would send women to jail if they use the morning-after pill -- even for victims of sexual assault. But the President of the Congress can stop this. He's concerned about his international image and his future in politics, so our massive outcry can shame him and stop this attack on women.

Click here to sign the petition:

Honduras is just days away from approving this extremist law that would put teenagers in prison for using the morning-after pill, even if they've just been raped. But we can stop this law and ensure women have the chance to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Some Congress members agree that this law -- which would also jail doctors or anyone who sells the pill -- is excessive, but they are bowing to the powerful religious lobby that wrongly claims the morning-after pill constitutes an abortion. Only the head of the Congress, who wants to run for the Presidency and cares about his reputation abroad, can stop this. If we pressure him now we can shelve this reactionary law.

The vote could happen any day -- let’s show Honduras that the world won't stand by as it jails women for preventing pregnancy even after sexual violence. Sign the urgent petition calling on the President of the Honduran Congress to stand up for women’s rights. Avaaz will work with local women's groups to personally deliver our outcry:

No prison for contraception!

A few countries, including Honduras, have banned the emergency contraceptive pill, which delays ovulation and prevents pregnancy -- like ordinary birth control pills. But if this new bill passes, Honduras will be the only state in the world to punish the use or sale of emergency contraception with a jail term. Anyone -- teenagers, rape victims, doctors -- convicted of selling or using the morning-after pill could end up behind bars, in flagrant contravention of World Health Organisation guidelines.

Latin America already has too many tough laws which restrict women's reproductive rights. The Honduras Congress first passed this draconian measure in April 2009, but just a month later then-President José Manuel Zelaya bowed to pressure from campaigners and vetoed it. Then Zelaya was removed in a coup, and the new regime has taken a sledgehammer to the country's judicial processes and forced the bill back to a vote.

Time is short, but we can stop this awful proposal in its tracks. Congress has the final vote on the matter and the government doesn't want to risk its already fragile global reputation. Let's tell the President of the Congress not to make Honduras the region's most repressive country against women. Sign this urgent petition now:

No prison for contraception!

Emergency contraception is vital for women everywhere, but especially where sexual violence against women is rampant, unplanned pregnancy rates are high and access to regular birth control is limited. Let’s stand with the women of Honduras and help them stop this bill.

With hope and determination...

Alex, Laura, Dalia, Alice, Emma, Ricken, Maria Paz, David and the whole Avaaz team

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America's War on Sex

You might not agree with what some people do, sexually speaking, but many believe that the road the American administration is taking is not just a war against uninhibited sexual expression, but a war against democracy itself.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Liberator Shapes

If you've not seen this website and watched the videos you've missed some great entertainment... and you might just learn a thing or two!

About Liberator Shapes (from the website)
Liberator knows that love artists from the beginning of time have used props to enhance the lovemaking experience. As documented in the Kama Sutra, varying the setting, textures, and colors associated with sexual pleasures produces harmony and cementing a couple’s bond.

The Kama Sutra depicts the use of sex pillows and sex cushions to explore a couple’s sexuality and educating men on the art of satisfying a woman. Liberator has taken this ancient theme and infused modern comfort, uniting function and sophistication to take sexual pleasure to new heights.

Liberator Shapes offers a divine incline for deeper penetration and g-spot navigation in any position. Liberator Shapes excel every oral performance, ease any anal expedition and intensify every single sensation. The Black Label Liberator Shapes add another sexual thrill with light bondage and playful restraint.

French Art of Loving
This entertaining French 'flash' website will keep you amused for hours!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

The too hard basket

Definition: 'Too hard basket' - a metaphorical in-tray, or basket, into which ideas and/or tasks are mentally placed because they are are deemed to be taboo or extremely difficult to handle.

Sex and Disability

This is a huge topic... one which many able bodied people put into their 'too hard basket'. It involves the heart breaking depression and frustration experienced by large numbers of disabled people who find it impossible to have their sexual needs met... something most (or many) able bodied people take for granted.

The need to be touched, intimately, is an essential human need. Most people consider it a basic human right. The United Nations charter of human rights has enshrined it as such. Yet some would question whether that right extends to disabled people.

In Denmark, Holland, and other parts of the world, local governments sometimes pay for sex workers to visit disabled people. In the UK and America the topic of sex and disability is more often than not a taboo one - perhaps one of the last taboos - one which seriously adds to the suffering of an already severely disadvantaged segment of the population.

John Blades, Radio Presenter
The Too Hard Basket... is an audio documentary about sex and disability produced by ABC Radio International in Australia. It won The Walkley Award for Social Equity Journalism, The Human Rights Award and Best Documentary from the Asian Broadcasting Union.

To listen to the documentary click here. To download the audio file to your hard disk (just short of 50Mb in size), right-click here and select "Save target/link as..." The program contains material of an adult nature.
Introduction (from the website): Disabled people are rarely touched in a loving way or thought of as sexually desirable yet they have the same need for a sexual life as everyone else. In this confronting program John Blades, who has a major disability himself, talks to sex workers about why they work with disabled clients and the importance of touch to every human being.

He also meets other people with disabilities; Gary who has burns to 60% of his body and finds that being touched by his wife on his burnt skin makes him feel desirable; and Caitlin, who has cerebral palsy, and whose first sexual experience was with a sex worker.
SonicErotica ... For disabled people, erotica can often be a life line, helping them to experience a certain level of sexual fulfilment. Visual erotica, however, is clearly of little use for blind people, and may be unhelpful for other groups because of it's emphasis on the able bodied. For these individuals sexy audio material can be very helpful. Many able bodied people also find it to be a highly charged and appealing addition to their sex lives.

Outsiders... and the TLC Trust... are London based organisations which have been working with disabled people - who often feel like outsiders - for more than 20 years. They run a national paper based introduction agency, and aim to help link up disabled people with caring sex workers, or other like minded people with disabilities.

Outsiders recognises that disability can be an inner thing - an emotional/psychological handicap - so it offers its services to all comers, and those who find it very difficult to 'cum', for whatever reason.

Other links:
Outsiders ... Disabled People and Paid Sex
BBC Ouch! ... Disabled women who pay for sex
The Telegraph ... Councils pay for prostitutes for the disabled
Google ... Sex for disabled people

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Kama Sutra positions to keep your love life alive!

This Czech website has great rotating animations showing a nice variety of sexual positions which should liven up anybody's sexy life!

If you look at it in the Google Chrome browser, with the translator extension installed, it will even translate the website into English for you.

This Hungarian website has many wee animations, all on one page. It's probably best not to try them all at once!

Google Books has this excellent one: Mastering Multiple Position Sex: Mind-Blowing Lovemaking Techniques has it's Sex Position of the Day

Handbag also has: Top 10 sex positions for women and Show off sex positions

Of course, there's the amazing Lover's Guide DVD series which you can find at Amazon.

(Note: This DVD is sexually explicit.)

But take note... technical proficiency in the bedroom is not the answer to all problems in romantic relationships:

"If your relationship sucks and you don't communicate with your sexual partner, the Double Reverse Astronaut is unlikely to help your sex life!

Monday, 30 August 2010

Supermodels Strip for Global Warming

This is more about the trees and the seas, than the birds and the bees, but it shows that even supermodels have their uses. (I'll help them fight global warming any day!)

Supermodels Fight Global Warming

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Sex Health Guru

Just a quickie (nice!) about YouTube's sexual health videos. They cover every aspect of sexual health you might want to know more about. Some are just plain funny, and others cover aspects of popular culture. You'll find them at:

Sex Health Guru .... Illumistream ... and Psychetruth ... among others.

Take these for example:

The Pill and Libido
Your Brain on Sex
Women's Sex Drive
Anorgasmia - can't orgasm
Top 10 Rude Pick Up Lines
Naughty Nurses, How Nurses Got Sexy

So... if things aren't happening for you in the bedroom (or any other room for that matter) there's no excuse not to be educated. After all the brain is the biggest sex organ. What are you waiting for? Go get some knowledge!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Here's an interesting Spanish website furnishing lots of fascinating information about the subject of 'sexualidad'.

Of course it's in Spanish, but if you browse it in the Google Chrome browser you'll be given the option to have it automatically translated into English. I'm impressed! The translation is actually pretty good.

Well, I thought it was until I discovered a page about 'los penes mas grandes de europa'. (Yea, yea, I know - men and their size fixation!)

What was really funny, though, was the 'enlarging' effect of the translation. On reading it in English I was shocked to discover that the average penis length in Europe is 14 inches!!!!! (Oww!) Thankfully the women (and gays?) of Europe can relax. It transpired that according to Google a centimeter is the same length as an inch!

Humm - Mr Google sir - clearly your translation software was designed by a man. Methinks you might want to re-jig it. Somebody could get hurt!

Check out "". Try zooming out to see where the largest 'hot-spots' are. Then zoom in on them. (Apparently people like to boast about making love in Hyde Park, London. Anyone tried it in a boat on the Serpentine yet? Note the similarity between the words boasting and boating. Sounds like the stuff of fantasy to me.)

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Praise The Lord & Pass The Vibrator!

From Robert & Susan Irwin...

How often have you heard some-one use the words "Praise the Lord" and "vibrator" in the same sentence? Never?

Me neither... until yesterday, when I received the following email from a (recently) satisfied pastor's wife.

I am writing to thank you for your advice & counsel to us in your last email. We both agreed you were right on target in everything you said.

I took your advice and we have been having daily "sex talks". At first it felt very uncomfortable, but after a couple of weeks it seems much more normal and we've learned things about each other that we never knew after 11 years of marriage.

Discussions about sex always led to arguments and hurt feelings before, but we have gotten beyond that to discuss more our desires, preferences, feelings, etc. & I feel like I am beginning to understand more of how Dave has felt all this time.

After your last email I immediately ordered a vibrator and have to say it's probably the best investment I've ever made! I have had fun experimenting with it and have finally begun to have orgasims (both kinds) --Praise the Lord!

I had no idea what I was missing, and at first I thought Dave would not really like the fact that I was using it, but I think he's as happy as I am. I now can understand that if God didn't want women to enjoy sex He wouldn't have given them the capability to enjoy it.

Thank you for all that you have done to help us. I feel like we are on the way to not only a better sex life, but also a better marriage. Thank you!

Jenny "

For Jenny and Dave, "Praise the Lord" would NOT be an overly dramatic expression in their situation.

This was Jenny's FIRST orgasm in eleven years of marriage!   ...   Free eBook download

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Is your Christian marriage lacking sexy spice?

Look no further than . . .

Quoting from the site:

Thank you,thank you, thank you! I have been married for 18 yrs and your website has really opened my eyes. My husband and I had a good sex life but I knew if I somehow let go of my sexual hangups it would be wow!!

I was afaid to love sex and to be really open with my husband until I found your website. My husband was blown away (no pun intended) when I gave him the best oral sex of his life from reading your tips. He couldn’t stop talking about it and said it made him feel like he could do anything. He even brought me flowers the next day. As a christian wife I know that God wants me to enjoy sex and please my husband. Thank you again!!! I am now free and I thank God for it. Michelle

Brazilian wows the world!

The beautiful Brazilian model, and carnival babe Viviane Castro has wow'd the Latin American public this year (2009) like never before.


Viviane Castro is the Queen of Brazil's Carnival, which rolled through the streets of Rio on Saturday night. She caused mucho controversy last year by taking to the streets in little more than some body paint and a carefully-placed piece of Scotch tape. This year, she could only attempt to one-up herself if she brought politics into it: and she did... with something of an anti-Obama message.

According to some sources, the Queen used her body to cry out about the selling of the Amazon to US companies, who are destroying Brazil's pride and joy. The portrait of Obama on her right leg is to call him out on a perceived complacency or even complicity in the American corporate deals made by Brazil's president, pictured on her left leg.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Sex every day for a year "screwed our marriage together"!

Times article: A couple had sex every day for a year, whether they felt like it or not. Another couple did it for 101 days. In both cases it revitalised their marriage. In the words of the latter wife... it literally "screwed us together”.

Guardian article: Charla Muller was reading Galatians 5.22-23 in her Bible study group when she decided what she was going to get her husband, Brad, for his 40th birthday.

Men's health: Medical reasons to have sex everyday: "Sex is a vigorous form of exercise," says Dr. Michael Cirigliano of the University of Pennsylvania. "The physiological changes in your body are consistent with a normal workout."

Bibliography: Anyone wanting to embark on this kind of pleasurable regime may need some 'inspiration'. Here are two books which might just help...
Sex 365: A Position for Every Day
Position of the Day: Sex Every Day in Every Way

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Medicinal News

News from the world of medicine...

Donor kidney removed via vagina
A woman in America has had her healthy kidney removed, for donation to her niece, via her vagina!

This procedure leaves a small scar on her anterior vaginal wall, but crucially no kidney sized scar on the surface of her body. It also means less pain for the donor and speeds up the recovery process.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Joy of Christian Sex

For those among us who want a spiritual slant on their sex education, check out these websites:


And here's a funny video on the whole Christian dating thing:
How to pick up a Christian babe

Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Four Female Hotspots

I thought I knew most of what there was to know about female sexuality (typical male), but I hadn't reckoned on the A-spot and the U-spot. (Have you heard of them?) Combine these with the clitoris and the G-spot and you get four female hotspots guaranteed to drive a woman wild in bed!

Guys, if you can discover all of these hotpsots and learn to stimulate them in just the way your woman likes you'll be her hero... for ever!

The Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone (A-spot)

The U (urethra) spot

The Four E-Spots

Friday, 30 January 2009

For the ladies

Ladies, have you ever wondered if there may be a different way of doing things where some of your basic bodily functions are concerned? Don't just accept the status quo - read on and discover some tips that could save you money and possibly even improve your health.

Tampon or Sea Sponge?
(a serious alternative menstrual product)

Over the Mooncup

The Princess and the Pee
(Can a woman do it standing up?)

See... you can learn something new every day!

Going underground

Subway drama and subway fun . . .

Wesley Autrey, NY subway hero
This extraordinary man jumped onto the railway tracks, in front of a train, to save a seizure victim.

'No pants day', on the subway
It's true... check it out for yourself!

Honesty and openess

Honesty really is the best policy

Without it relationships are fake at best and destructive at worst.