Sunday, 16 January 2011

Liberator Shapes

If you've not seen this website and watched the videos you've missed some great entertainment... and you might just learn a thing or two!

About Liberator Shapes (from the website)
Liberator knows that love artists from the beginning of time have used props to enhance the lovemaking experience. As documented in the Kama Sutra, varying the setting, textures, and colors associated with sexual pleasures produces harmony and cementing a couple’s bond.

The Kama Sutra depicts the use of sex pillows and sex cushions to explore a couple’s sexuality and educating men on the art of satisfying a woman. Liberator has taken this ancient theme and infused modern comfort, uniting function and sophistication to take sexual pleasure to new heights.

Liberator Shapes offers a divine incline for deeper penetration and g-spot navigation in any position. Liberator Shapes excel every oral performance, ease any anal expedition and intensify every single sensation. The Black Label Liberator Shapes add another sexual thrill with light bondage and playful restraint.

French Art of Loving
This entertaining French 'flash' website will keep you amused for hours!

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